- Killian Bartok


■ KILLIAN BARTOK began learning music at the age of 6. He followed classical training at the conservatory but spent his free time listening to Rock and New Wave music. ■ In the 90's he tried his hand at deejaying and spent his time in nightclubs in South West France... ■ 2000 marked a new beginning: KILLIAN BARTOK started producing and moved to Paris where he discovered the Parisian underground music scene and made his first major musical encounters: LYSZAK - JOE DARKOS... . ■ In 2007, KILLIAN BARTOK met LUCA BARIANI. They quickly understood that their friendship would naturally lead them to produce electronic music together. ■ In 2013, they composed the music to a contemporary dance "L'AME DE LA PIERRE" -the soul of stones- performed by "PETRA ALMA", a danse company from Montpellier, France. The strength and depth conveyed by their music opened the doors to SCANDER records, a world-renowned French record label, which in turn introduced them to artists such as TRAUMER, COSMIC BOYS, CONY, GREEN MONKEYS, BASTIEN BUCCI …