- Alessan Main


Bio Alessan Main Inspired by the firstwave of techno, combined with the advance of the gener, Alessan Main is an artist who aspies to always to keep an aestethic composition an underground culture that is alive Alessan has been fundamental by support new artist with new ideas of production, AMETHYPS as his main label, where was founded in 2012, he counts with the exelent support of the top techno djs. In 2013 by the higher demand of demos, he decide to open second label called PRESTIGE RADIO SHOW that hasbeen gaining strenght with the time. Every milimiter of the Alessan works, including the label, illustration, information , about each releases and his own music wrapped with hear and feeling, keeping the brightness and curiosity within changes and adaptation to the world. Alessan Main is one of the most promissing names today and one of most respect producer in colombia.