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 - Daresh Syzmoon


DareshSyzmoon aka Lazerbeat discovered his passion for music with his father already a professional musician, plaiyng the piano is realized and perfected in part, he discovered his passion into the world of digital music by using its first programs and building its first real songs, with time to understand his way, and that of the DJ.In 1996 he released his first production with the old vinyl record label Dig-It International in Milan with his group he founded the Nut Cracker, from there he started to play the most notes on location in Genoa, and extends also to play outside of Florence, Milan, Turin, etc. ...The producer continues his career as a DJ in 2003 brings out 2 discs with Overtone Records on vinyl and always always Nut Cracker, Ziwataneo EP & Kataklisma E.P. , The discs are like and supported by Mario Piu, and Igor S. known Italian DJ coming in 2 of the Venetian Copilation Kadabra, the winner in radio.Collaborate with labels like Urbanlife, Smilax Records and the group coming out on labels of considerable importance as Takeshi 2djs4love Recording & Recording Digital Records and Just, also working with DJ Lello Mascolo known as the Klub out of 105 in the disc Lie to me, and foreign artists are also entering the dance charts in Italy.Seeing his passion for dance productions decided to open a label named Prisma Records, which today more than 70 artists offered for sale in 27 countries around the world in more 'than 300 stores in the world, given the amount of work in 2011 fits Fransisco dj known top Milan Dj forming together a winning team.