- Shorty


Shorty grow out artistically in 1994.He loves and he purposes house music, and he loves to give special effects to his performances with the interchange of grooves, melody, voices and colors.After several abroad experiences and, after his works in many radio stations, from 2003, he is part of the crew of Radio Deejay.He likes to play his sound in clubs and, actually, he cares the direction and the production of two radio shows on air on Radio Deejay: “50 Songs” with Albertino and, “Asganaway” on air every afternoon from 2 p.m. to 3.30 p.m. He works also to a project with High Tech Toys , get- together with Simone Paleari, a.k.a. Simosun, with aggressive sounds. With the comes out of the tune “I’ve Got a DJ in My Bag”, national and international hit, he starts officially the collaboration with Max Moroldo and the label Do It Yourself.HighTechToys, in this way he define his sound more Club, more aggressive!We are talking about the project S.H.O,out in 2014 on Clubbang where, behind the scenes we can find Shorty!!!"Sweat" it never stops.