- DJ Dav1d


David Martini in art Dj Dav1d was born in Italy near Lucca (Viareggio) in 1979, the his passion for the music began at 13 years old, when for the first time, he went into a nightclub on Sunday afternoon called Cavalluccio.Dj Dav1d has started his dj career at Happyland Torquemada club on Sunday afternoon, then he has played also in important italian clubs like: Jux Tap (Sarzana), Cappellaio Matto (Torre del lago, Lucca), King (Livorno), La Baita (Castellina Marittima) , Schock (La Paesana), in the 2014 he played to La Centrale (San Giuliano Terme - Pisa), Buddy( Torre del lago Puccini - Lucca), Resident DJ at Vip Club(Pisa).The his music genres are: House, Techouse, Minimal and Techno.Dj Dav1d currently working for some important Record Labels in the techno scene like: Lovebeat Records, Cvmusic Records, Prisma, Ds recording, Moon deep, Presslab, Parrini records 432 Hz, Yousel, Klinik Room, First Planet(Media Records), Nobody's Perfect.