- MasterManiac


If you crave to dive into a vibe, which will melt your soul and nod your heads at the same time, he's the man without a doubt.The one and only MasterManiac an unique DJ/Producer and electronic music enthusiast, emerges from Colombo, Sri Lanka, who juggles with notes and produces soul stirring rhythms which will linger inside any music lover’s ears for decades.He DJ in special events and promotes his own shows where the crowds gazed for the date of the next show. That's how far his creativity and vibe will drag you.And for him, it's all about the mood and a deep hypnotic groove, having had many time experimenting his style and rhythm, this one of a kind Master's music will set the boundaries of your mind on fire and your hearts rhythm will vibe into a dimension where you'll explore the music of tomorrow like never before.