- Emanuele Amendola


Emanuele Amendola starts his journey and his experiencesin night clubs working with the "Cosmo" staff organization ofevents in the famous nights of Jaiss and the “Fortezza daBasso” in the early 2000s.Emanuele grows and forms in the context of the Tuscanclub of the 90s, joining DJs like Len Faki, Marco Remus, T heAdvent, Pet Duo and many others.In 2011 he collaborates with the "Viper Club" in an eventwhich saw as main artist Miss Kittin, and with the "Costes",After number 1 in Tuscany.In 2012 he founds the "T he Tech's Brothers" together withhis colleague Daniel Francalanci and they started aproductions work very listened, including “Fear of a trip” and“Collateral Effect”.