- Todschick


Born with the passion for drums and rhythms in 1991, Florian B. started to learn drumming when we was a 9 years old boy. Through the influences of punk-rock and hc-punk his first dirty band project began with the age of 12. Far away from the idea of producing electronic dance music he moved to Luebeck to do an apprenticeship in software-development in 2007 with the age of 16. Surrounded by binary code, software and databases he found his passion for slow techno, deep house, IDM and electronica at small underground-parties in the noncommercial, self-organised cafe he runs with friends in a small collective. Greatly influenced by vinyl-DJs, live-sets and the spirit of small illegal events he started to produce experimental electronic stuff with a good friend in 2008. When a midi-keyboard and effect-processors came into his life he started to produce on his own, to develop his own style of electronica and to get more and more passion for playing live-sets at indoor and outdoor -parties as well as on colourful festivals like the wilwarin or the fusion-festival. In summer 2012 his first 4-track-release "Haudegendisko" was signed by KW Music.