- Oz-E


Ozay Bas (aka Dj Oz-e) was born in Germany. He took music and dance lessons when he was a child as he had a big interest in these areas even in those days of his childhood. At later ages, he discovered House Music and in a few years, he bacame a recognised and respected dj in the Turkish Music Industry. Oz-e started his djing career with a dance music program at a local radio station when he was 16 years old.Although the technologies of today was not around so much in those early days of his career, he made a great effort to collect his music archive by meeting with the music minded people whom he met in Turkey and abroad. He added into his collection many different styles of music in any format he could find. Around year 2000, he met the most succussful djs and producers of Istanbul and started working with Hakan Turkurer. “Working with Hakan Turkurer effected both his vision and career in music” Oz-e states. Oz-e had a residency in Cantina between 2000-2002 and he shared sets here with the best names Tangun, Cure-shot, Hakan Turkurer, U.F.U.K of House and Tech-house there.