- Vanilla


Lets shuffle your feet with the dirty smell and taste of the cheeky thug “Vanilla”!!! Either way you can discribe her style. She self call it groovy electro dutch tech-house style! So its a mixture between all of these kinds of electronic body music.For a 21 young years old rugrat it must be a good feeling to see how the people react on her tracks like “Wet Wet” @ the I LOVE TECHNO 2010 after Sound of Stereo played and loved it! But it began 4 Years ago as she started to spinning vinyls ... ... .. NO – this is not the moment where you will read a typical biography. Cause – YOU have to listen Vanilla by yourself – you have to see her – especially you have to see her skills and how she handle the 2 Jogwheels and filters between her hands! But she isnt only a real musician in the club – right now at the moment she is also a fantastic producer and labelowner. 2010 Vanilla started her Label “Plattenpussy Records” and had also alot of successful releases like “Bring it Baby” on Dusted Decks Records or “Shuffler” on her own imrpint PPR. She worked with artists like Aniki, Funkin Matt, Jay Robinson, Stereofunk & Edu K – and got big supports from global players like Sound of Stereo, Shameboy, Larry T ee, Bet aucue, T om Deluxx, Malent e, Gooseflesh, Jack Codec, iPunk, Autodidakt and many more! And the most important thing for VANILLA is – that she do all this things by herself and that it feel proper! So be carefull – she will hit you, blow off and liquify your head! Yes – she will bring the baby back! :)