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 - Jerry Kay


I start my career as DJ in ’92 in a local Fm radio of myhometown, where I also played in some clubs. But becauseof the few opportunities offered by my town, I moved toNaples to try my chance and everything changed. I havebeen resident in the best club in the south of Italy, producerfor important labels such as Flying Record, releasing trackson Cafe del Mar and Bacardi compilations, and lots ofremixes for top artists as Gloria Estefan, Richie Havens, IIO,Snap and more.....I've been dj guest for networks such asKiss Kiss and Radio Ibiza, winning numerous djcompetitions.T han I moved again to work at Radio Selene and othernetworks as Tam Tam and Radio Company. During theseyears I have worked for many electro bands both as acomposer and as a member, and finally in 2006 my first owntrack “Welcome to Hell” and my first solo album “ElectroDream” came out.I have composed soundtracks for short films and films,collaborating with Italian and foreign director, followingcommon passions, becoming one of the most activeproducer in Italy. In 2011 I brought out another album: “AUtomat”and lots of tracks as “Toxic” “ Who you are” “YouCan Do It” “Come Out” which reached excellent positions inthe European dj charts. At present I’m published by severallabels such as Linda Record, Only T he Best Record, Smilax,Soundrise Record, Italian Way Music, Emi, Carlo Cavallimusic group . My style is Complextro, Hard and Dirty ElectroHouse.


DJ Top, Vol. 2
Morris Corti, Eugenio LaMedica, C-Side, Andrea Raffa, Chantal, Emiliano Marchini, Joker, Claus, Procida, Damiano, Danilo Secli, Max Sabatini, Alex B, Emanuel Guarrera, Josenz, Johnny J, Engel, Dani B, Nicola Veneziani, Igor Pezzi-Karmine Emme Present Italian Gang Star, Jean-Luc Duvall, DJ Mash, Joy Saccone, Luis Rondina, Ensaime, Mark Paper, Lil' Lee, Mastro J, Fabiana, Pierpaolo Cricenti, Francesco Baldi, Lussy, Sacchi, Durante, Panetz, Ang3Lino DJ, Salvo Germany, Teejay, Jerry Kay, Thomas Ferry, Dot Comma, Luca Sala, Valerio M DJ, Adam Clay, Caruso, Valenziano, Capodaglio, DJ Koma, Valeria Di Dato, J Vale, Smashing Groovers, John Biancale, Ricky Salerno, Dalmazio Conte, Antonella Calabrese, Alex Barattini, Farida, Alex Mascheroni, Tom Black, Coleman, Amer Bros, Cody, Stefano Fay, Andrea Valo, Ponzuoli, Soriani, Andrea Grandoni, DJ Francis, D.O.K., Den J Rose, Andrea Tarsia, Scyntilla, DJ Benny C, DJ Jurij, Funkatomic, Danny, Scarlet Blue, Gold N Chic, Joy Di Maggio, Bottai, Ripari, Tiny Dancer, Marcomix, Loveforce, Gaetano Dodaro, Josef Miles, Alex Bono, Freedom, Elix, Niela, Lorenzo B, Alex Guesta, David Goncalves, Fashion Boy, Ben Bagby, The Mask, Max Leoni, Mikee Introna, Marco Laschi, Giona Guidi, Mauama, Aline Queen, Amoroso, Alien Cut, Chiara, Fisco, Dreamhit, Tipi Venali, Joy Di Maggio, DJ Mash, Pacific Nation, Charlie Mauthe, Jh, Alex Barattini, Freedome, Elmambro Squared, Karmin Shiff, Pino Giannelli Sax, Pascuzzo, Matteo Petrone, Cosmogroove, Looneys, Ensaime, Dj Caccini, Mauro Del Principe, Mattias, G80's, DJ Fole, Elio Milani, Mike Crystal, Frankie S, Max Leoni, G. Campus, M. Fontana, Stefano Menegatti, Giovanni Bottai, Alberto Ripari
Smilax Records | 2011-07-12