- Daniela La Luz


Danielas sets and productions expand the boundaries ofunderstanding house and techno music to new horizons.By processing a colorful range of various kinds of electronicmusic genres, she´s proving her uncompromising diversity.Due to her first two records in 2011 and 2012 [PeopleHappy and Simply Everywhere], Daniela gained internationalsupport with many high profile DJ´s.In 2013 RAWAX picked her up and she signed. In the sameyear the album pre-sampler ´Pistol Star´ her first Longplayer´Based On Electricity´ go released, which was the perfectexpose to underline her diversity.Danielas second Longplayer "Counting Days" is in themaking and will be released in 2015 on HOUSEWAX. T healbum pre-release is out now and received many goodfeedbacks from high profile Dj´s once again.With an incredible rich background of different styles ofmusic she has created a personal style that defines hersound, always integrating her own vocals and playing hot,pumping live sets.Following the principle of “daring is caring”, Daniela isobsessed by the necessity to insert and cover a colorfulrange of electronic genres into her productions and sets,just because its fun and a pleasure to surprise.From such a busy producer lady as Daniela, you can expectmuch more in the future to come!