- Matthew Gold


I was born in Borgomanero June 10, 1982, all 'age of 12 years, I became interested in music by listening to the vinyls of my father as "Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath etc" .... and with a couple of old turntables I enjoyed doing a sort of scratch trying to mix the songs .... My parents saw that I had this passion for music, they decided for my 14th birthday to give me a stereo with compact disc, and from there I started listening to dance music more as a "Double You, N-Trance, Prezioso, etc." .... Shortly after I put some money aside and I bought 2 new Technics turntables and together with my brother and my cousin when we organized parties in fact we were the Deejay's .... At some point I decided to buy a computer with software to compose music "Ejay", and from there I started to create some sort of dance music ..... At least 18 years, going to dance in various local clubs, I discovered some new genres such as Techno, House etc. .... listening more and more these genres and seeing that they were growing more and more songs, I decided to try to I compose these genres .... In 2010 I competed mostly in the "Tech-House and Minimal" inspired to "UMEK" "Stefano Noferini" "Gustavo Assis" etc .... The following year using the "Macro Records" release my first remix "Driston - Antebellum (Matthew Gold Remix)" and then I can work with other labels such as "Music LTX" "BDivision" "Digital Music Labels" "24 Bit "..... Currently I'm Deejay, Producer, Remixer & "A & R" of "ACT72 Records"