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 - Vinz Exe


Vinz Exe is an Italian dj/producer/arranger/ hailing from the scene of neapolitan raves party.A former member of the free- party underground collective “Nameless Soundsystem”, Vinz has now participated in countless events throughout Italy, Germany, Poland and other European countries.Vinz is a versatile artist who explores various musical genres, in its tracks you can earn various contaminations that make his unique sound.Today his tracks are marked by sound techno/dark techno and electro nuances.For his performances Vinz prefers the live set,where he manages to express his style.During his training,Vinz is working with several producer of italian Techno underground scene,such as:Abnormal Boyz , Booz, Marcus Raute, Merikan, Modulizer...etc...and some of his performances he played with several international artists,such as: Elite Force, Hedflux,Signal Electrique, Crystal Distortion,Ixindamix,Namito,Electrobugz,Osmik,Booz,Modulizer and many others.


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