- BeatQueche


BeatQueche established himself as a strong Deep-Melodic-Techno Music Producer / TRIPPY CODE RECORDS Owner & Label Manager from Germany. Born on 14th Aug 1990. in Hungary.Thanks (2014-2016) to his recent features on DC10, Hábitat, Natura Viva, Rimoshe and Dark Monkey.A year on, and it's a new label who will place their trust in BQ: Natura Viva / Francesco Tanzi. Hábitat / Wayne Madiedo & Fhaken. Hungry Koala / Naylo, DC10 / Corner. Corner & DC10 saw potential in BQ as a rising star in the techno music scene, with more releases, remixes for Beatport. BQ continues to work on collaborations with widely-known artists such as Carlos Varela, DJ Luck & MC Neat, Corner or Fhaken.Self-made man of electronic music, it's with his friend Corner / Wayne Madiedo & Fhaken / RTTWLR & Patrick Slayer which he launched his own imprint "DC10 / Hábitat / Dark Monkey" and confirms his ambition to offer us his own vision of techno music. From Daniel Portman, Swallen, Corner, SAAND, & RTTWLR, BQ's groove seduces beyond the minimal melody & technosphere and breaks down barriers and genres of music.In 2017 founded the TRIPPY CODE RECORDS with a Friend, Bence Marsi. In 2018 The TRIPPY CODE RECORDS stood always in TOP RELEASE CHARTS on BEATPORT.On Youtube with 150.000+ followers The TRIPPY Channel seats thousands of viewers every day in front of the screens.BeatQueche say: THANK YOU!