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 - Mattia Musella


Mattia Musella was born on April 9, 1989. Already from the age of 10, is approaching the world of music attending guitar lessons, thanks to the exciting lessons of his teacher, Mr. Gandolfi. Teens have been dedicated also to the motorbikes: he run nationally and internationally winning several championships.At 16 he bought his first music console with which he delights to parties of friends, being almost completely absorbed by the competitive activity.At the age of 18 the first evenings in clubs, alternating with the PR activities that will help to better understand the environment and where will be able to stand in console with many international DJs like Stefano Noferini, Francesco Farfa, Babayaga and many other. At the beginning heranges over Electro and Progressive House, but thanks to his more experienced friends, he switch almost immediately to the Tech House, that follows for a few years. Before deciding to engage seriously to this occupation, for years he goes often to the most famous clubs and Europe festivals, gaining knowledge and musical taste conferred by anyone hear him play. Among all the best worldwide DJs followed in this period, his favorite will always be Luciano, whom admires tones and ability to blend various kind of music in one set. Living in Viareggio, he moves in Versilia nightlife, famous all over the world, taking its first real steps and began to be known, but also earn the appreciation of more experienced fellows, whenever they hear his performances. One of his first mentors is Emilio Aiello, with whom he performed at Corsaro Rosso (Darsena of Viareggio), who urges him to continue in this adventure. He has the first engagement into an house club thanks to Giacomo Picchi, resident DJ of KAMAKAMA (Capezzano Pianore), nationally known house club, which noted him at a private party where they shared the console. On his first season, thanks to Giacomo, Mattia played in one of the temples of house music of the 90s, the Stupida (former Boca Chica - Torre del Lago Puccini), and thanks to the owners, straight refines and softens his musical style starting to include Vocal and Deep House tracks. Here he has been noticed by the manager, which gives him the chance to perform in Pappafico (Marina di Pisa) house room, premises very popular during this summer season 2012. During the summer he performs in some pool parties, in which he will be able to open to Romano Alfieri, Massi DL and Francesco del Garda. At the end of the season, when everything seems to stand still, Mattia is contacted by Massimiliano Della Bona, who invited him to perform in his club, the Diagonal (Forte dei marmi), brand new club in fast rise, which console has been managed by international artists such as: Noir (author of "Around" hit), Tom Trango , Prins Thomas and many others. Here Mattia performs with two historic names of house music as Andrea Madas and Louis Joy and with other young talents, Nicolas Kreis and Simone Vizzoni. Shortly the relocation to Australia ...