- Marc Twelker


The fervidness for music reached me as a young boy whenI already was listening for hours to the music. Center of the90Õs my interest was focused on Old School Hip Hop asAfrica Bambaataa, Grandmaster Flash and the FuriousFivee. In 1996, I visited regularly House Parties all overSwitzerland.Soon I became addicted to the electronic beats andtherefore it didnÕt take a long time and I got myself tworecord players on which I started my practice.From this time on my target was to define my technique onthe turntables and to deepen my acquisition. After a while Istarted to play the turntables on private Parties of somefriends and entertained them with my music especially withmy own style of house music. It worked well and soon I gotinvitations to play in several Clubs and Bars in Switzerland& Germany.In 2007 I assumed a new challenge and begin to producemusic.As music is my passion for a long time and will by mypassion for the upcoming years I will always create, producemusic or play the turntables in any way as I love housemusic!