- Mario Fitoria


Mario Fitoria’s musical journey first began in 2005 in backyard parties. He would not only DJ the party but, he would also organize them. Mr. Fitoria, began his career in Los Angeles, where he was born and raised, with musical genres ranging from hip hop and reggaeton to top 40's. Due to his Latin heritage and growing up in South Central, Mario always had an appreciation for different music genres. Eventually, mixing didn’t suffice his creativity, so in 2009 he began producing. Mario quickly became known for his edits and remixes of originals. Lately, his original tracks have been shaking dance floors across the country. At Miami Music week 2016, his original track “President” produced with cousin and long time DJ affiliate, was played by Madhouse founder Eddie Portillo. In August of 2016, Mario was personally invited to become a part of the prestigious Madhouse DJ collective from Los Angeles. Since then, he has taken his unique style of mixing and creativity to Las Vegas, Miami, and Mexico. There’a lot more to be discovered from this young and talented individual. Stay tuned for a lot more to come from Mario Fitoria