- Sheepie


Sheepie is one of those artists who think she has been around for years, the sheer amount of professional quality and content in her productions showcasing a well-educated understanding of the process as well as pockets of artistic creativity. Sheepie's resume already includes names like Be One Records, Data Groove, Distance Music, Huambo Records and many more; labels that in their own right are reference points for artists worldwide. His productions are quickly gaining him the regular support of his ever-growing peer list with artists like Miguel Bastida, Bassel Darwish, and Danny Serrano who are just a few of his frequent advocates. He's also making an increasing amount of noise outside the studio, with reservations in and out of his native Tenerife. Sheepie is just one of several groundbreaking artists who have come out of the Acapulco region of Mexico in the past few years, and they have all had a signicant impact in shaping modern tech house music. With an ever-increasing amount of attention warming under her feet, Sheepie is an artist for the future, and certainly a name you'll want to remember for years to come if her recent work is something to act on.