- Luis Pergo


With only 14 years this boy based in Madrid with roots in Extremadura he became interested in electronic music and the music scene at that time existed in the capital. Because of his interest soon becomes a pair of turntables and a mixer in order to make their first steps small rooms southern Madrid.He has played in several rooms of the community of Madrid (Penelope, Pirandelo, Studio 76, Insmonio Night Club ....), Extremadura (In the famous festivals Warm Up), Toledo, Avila, and feasts Bon "Ap ... always with a personal style in which dynamic sessions with well marked hype predominate.It belonged to Onetanamo group with which he has played in many events in our community.He is currently involved in several musical productions giving his touch to each of them, Has Published in some lables like Doga Records Bergmann Recordings, Over Records Black Turtle Records,Klexos Records, Over Records and many more.