- Fonotipia


Fonotipia is a project born in 2011, by two guys of Verona Italy real name Fabio Tosato & Marco Peretti, both born in 1989, they started to play very early only with dj set and since 2011 also with Live set, in a lot of club and pub.In 2010 they have started to producing too, deep, minimal and techouse music and they have found until first productions good groups of followers that support us and a lot of Labels that have wanted to work with them like Bedroomrecords09, South B Records, City Life, BiPiEm Music, Achterdeck, Wasabi Recordings, Gastspiel Records, LoKondriaKa Music, Traxacid, HDR Limit and more. Influenced by Label such as Cecille, Soweso music, 8Bit, Mobilee, Get Phisical, MDR, Remote Area and more.They try to do all best for their listeners. Always.