- Ian Cris


Based in the south of France and pioneer of the french dark Minimal, Ian Cris built his music over Techno and Minimal backgrounds.- After years, he continues developing his style and shows us a work which makes us vibrate through some powerful dark sounds and vocals, generating a tenebrous and rhythmic atmosphere.- Played by artists like Elmar Strathe, Mateo & Spirit, Occer and many more, he is present on labels like Dark Face Recordings, Fierce Animals, Zenon Records, Krad, Soupherb or Mothr.- He performed these last years invited in clubs and festivals in Europe, South America and Latina with Oscar Mulero, Alexander kowalski, Derrick May, Paul Kalkbrenner, Sascha Funke, Miro Pajic, Alexi Delano, Terry Whyte, Someone else, Krenzlin, David Meiser, Hernan Bass, Ice Machine .