- Deepend


As an upcoming dj act , Deepend is det ermined t o bring their music to party crowds all over the world. DJing as well as producing their own music, the talented duo's star is clearly rising.Falco van den Aker and Bob van Rat ingen, t wo livelong friends, share an intense passion for music. At an early age they were already experimenting with different sounds and grooves, before falling for the seductive beats of house music.In the summer of 2010 they finally decided to follow their dream to become the next big thing on the feel good house scene. Working their way up from small, local gigs, their talent is sure to take them to even biggerstages.The name Deepend represents the guys true dependency on music and the deep rooted desire to take their music to the next level. After hearing their trademark deep sounds the name makes perfect sense.Deepend brings an energetic mix of house music to the floor, spreading feel-good vibes and keeping the crowds wanting for more. They get every room going, merging their best music into amazing sets that keep playing in your head long after the party is over.The chart storming success of their debut single L.C.D. in spring 2012 really launched their career. With releases on major record labels like RUN DBN and gigs with the biggest names in the game, these guys are unstoppable."We are passionate about connecting with people through our music. Every set we play has to be even better than the last, reaching for ever higher levels. We live, breathe and love house music. The crowd feels that passion in every beat, loop and baseline. That's what our music is all about."