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Flashers are a duo of Djs & Producers formed by Alain Fanegas & Julien Uranga from the Basque Country sharing the same passion and vision of electronic music.Owner's of Cream Music Records played by Marco Carola , Joseph Capriati , Jamie Jones , Nicole Moudaber ,Re.You ,Ray Okpara , Neverdogs, Joey Daniel , Stefano Noferini.They also signed several other tracks in other Label : Be One Limited, , Mushroom Smile, Sudam, Noexcuse , Psicodélica, Cream Music records, Witty Tunes, Lemon Aid , Whoyostro , Malicious Smile , Haliaeetus Music ,some of his tracks were played by Stefano Noferini,Carlo Lio, Sven Tasnadi , Stefan Hinz , Lea Dobricic ...