- Moon Disco (US)


Moon Disco is the dynamic duo between John Mulholland and Juan Trevino. Juan and John have over 15 years of performance experience between them. The Duo has played events such as Tec-Troit, BassBin, DayTrip, Drop Fest, Pride Festival and many more. From Jackin House to Deep Techno, Moon Disco always has that perfect mix of tricks and subtlety. A perfect Yin and Yang, whether it's two decks and a mixer or four decks, three mixers and a drum machine. Moon Disco always delivers an exciting mix that will take you for a ride through the deep dark depths of music. Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/moondiscodetFollow us on Facebook: facebook.com/moondiscodet/ Follow us on Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/moondiscodet Follow us on Instagram: instagram.com/moon_disco