- DJ Ex


DJ ExThose in the know always say when they talk about music and when they talk about a good song and Artist is ‘quality never goes out of style’ which is what DJ Ex is all about. He is shy by nature but oozes with confidence the minute he talks about his number one passion and his achievements. ‘I’m not just a blonde I have seven years experience in the medical field’ that makes you realize that The Ex as he is popular known to the girls he broke their hearts as a teen for being shy. That makes you realize that he is a jack of all trades.This multitalented producer cum dj and crooner was bitten by the music at a very young age but he started to follow his dreams in 2011 playing at different clubs singing for his folks while also being the craft behind the music, not only that the business acumen in him was also established when he started his own business which is also a record label called Sfithah Entertainment which does a lot of things from eventing to promotion to signing of Artists. His credo in life is ‘take care of the cents and the rands will take care of themselves’Xolani Alfred Ndlovu as his identikit South African Citizenship and also known by his postman is about to release his debut album called ‘urban to rural’ which is inspired by life challenges and his upbringing. The monster hit ‘Umona’ already is chart topping on different radio stations around the country and all over the Sub-Saharan Africa with a glitzy music video on high rotation in different TV stations.