- Dale Fairbairn


Anyone who has been around the hard house scene for the last 15 years will be familiar with Dale Fairbairn aka Butcher Boy. However now the no-holds-barred producer and DJ is marching to a new BMP. Having created over 100 releases on Vinyl, CD and Digital, under different guises across various genres.he’s always had a love and appreciation of Techno and Tech House, Dale is now turning his attention to making a name for himself as a producer in these genres. When asked about his change in tact he laughs “Well I’m not a butcher and I'm not a boy anymore!” but goes on to add “Change is good sometimes and I have been really enjoying my time in the studio working on new tracks and I think that is showing in my music - I can’t wait to start getting these new tunes out there”. We are looking forward to it as well.