- Jus Deelax


Deejay and producer borned on April 1984 Barcelona. He is the image of Sunlife Festivals since the beggining. He has shared line up with international Deejays like Tim Green (Cocoon), Avrosse (Bosphorus), Koen Groeneveld, Glitter, Louie Cut, Fatima Haji, Francesco Farfa, Angelo Dore, Daniel Portman, Mark Dekoda, Droplex and many more He has played in the bests clubs of Spain like Pacha (La Pineda,the biggest Pacha in the world), Gloobal club, Merci, L'Atlantida, Millenium, KGB, T he One, OnOff, Louie Vega, Privilege Barcelona, La Sal, Atic, Noovo... He starts his world tour in 2013 and He has played in Mexico (After partyInnova rec), France (Inox club, Toulouse and New Purple Perpignan), Switzerland (UG Bülach and Staris club, Zurich) Kanya Beach club (Ibiza). He was top Beatport minimal a lot of times with tracks like T his is my fucking flatbelly, Nobody can stop us!, Cartas, Papel pa pili, Mexico, Italia, Yo Dj, One Vodzka for the girl Remix and "Like this" Jus Deelax remix, and He was top13 on MAXIMA 51 chart in 2010 (Best dance radio in Spain). His tracks are released in some of the best labels of the world (PortRec, Punch Underground, Rabies records, Flat Belly recordings, Hamburg Aufnahmen, Sode records, Clipper's, Blanco y negro, Bsideworld records...) He has remixed people like Angelo Dore, Droplex, Z ir Rool, Luiggi Peretti, Jose Am and Herny Mendez Dominique Costa, Daniel Aguayo and many more. He was nominated 2 times like best deejay and best producer in Barcelona living awards. Now He is Bsideworld Deejay and producer and He plays at Sunlife Festivals, Bambú, Mala madre, Sunlife tour and his own tour around the world