- Mariano Fonrouge


He was born in August 1989, starting as a DJ, at a very early age, at private parties, finally he knows at 16 what it is to put music in a bowling alley, being called for a pub (coyote) of his city, Bahía Blanca, in The summer 2007 and then to finish that same season in Monte Hermoso pub (kapital). He realized that was what he was really looking for. That same year it obtains its first residence in a dance record (toovaks), in Bahia Blanca , its second residence it obtains in the summer 2008 in a dance record (kubix) of Monte Hermoso. When the season ends, he comes back with new ideas and is willing to get to know other music, so he is called from a disco pub (adonis) in Bahia Blanca, with styles of music very different from what he did. Experimenting with hip hop, international pop, disco music, dance, and electro. Already with this third residence after a while he wants to continue growing and finally he is called for his fourth residence, in chocolate (Bahia Blanca) to put electronic music. After being a time in that track decides to dedicate itself to the electronic music. At the beginning of 2009 he began to play in the night, thus remaining resident in the passage - chocolate (Bahia Blanca) after a time begins to take his music to different places where requested. Already knowing all the styles, it launches to the production of its own tracks little by little.At the time of putting your music adapts to the track carrying carefully selected sounds. Currently forming a duet with Ignacio Robles called Listen!is a duo formed by two experienced DJs and Producers with long trajectory in the scene, one with a marked sound understood by the minimal and the techno and the other marked by the House, merge for after years of working on their own, tuning The ear, refining your musical taste can today generate a B2B to pure strength, style and good taste. Smells Good Records and Beats Life Records are their record labels and soon their first record label will be born