- Eric Shans


A producer and DJ residing in Brooklyn, NY, Eric Shans has been making and playing music for 20 plus years. He has always been influenced by melodic, dreamy sounds which have a smattering of grit underneath. The music he makes is truly reflective of the sounds he loves to hear; forward thinking and at times wrapped in a sense of nostalgia ranging from deep synth laden house to groovy tech workouts, to lush, ambient chill-out sounds. His DJ sets are also an embodiment of all of the above, combining driving bass lines, big drums, and moving melodies for the heart and feet. He also co-runs the labels 3Bridge Records and 3Bridge Elements based out of New York City and does a monthly show on Frisky Radio called "Fleeting Passage" on the CHILL channel which has gained notoriety for its diverse showcase of downtempo music.