- Peter Romo


Born in Madrid in 1983, he entered music at the age of 17 playing in theaters of the capital such as Voltereta, New Jake, Inn, In (Moncloa), Paradise, Penelope, Budha among others. At age 22 he moved to Alicante where the renowned Ignacio Ferrer (Nacho Division) listens to him and sponsors him for the best venues in the Levant capital: Gaudi, La House, Kko, Revival, Appalachia, Albds, Valentinos and a great etc .. Iakksa is a Spanish DJ / Producer also known as Peter Romo with more than 18 years behind him recognized for his strength, wit, freshness, fun and quality is known within the national and international scene. Iakksa has a long experience and has remixed and released for labels such as: Digital Room Records, Bedroom Records 09, Vernon Blvd Records, Miami Records, Blackpoint Records, Eleonor Records among others. Iakksa has remixed artists for Warner music spain and Roster Music has its tracks backed by singers and artists. Their latest songs have been positioned within the top 100 Beatport sales in Austria and Romania. iakksa was one of the most in uential and most requested artists, in 2007-2010 he has been in 4 of the 5 continents, such as Berlin (Germany), Sao Paulo (Brazil) Miami Beach (USA), Bogotá (Colombia), Moscow (Russia), Bucharest (Romania), Dallas (USA), Ibiza (Spain), Arenal Sound 1 edition (Spain). Without a doubt it is a dj of great trajectory with years of experience that does not happen unnoticed by its Tech-mininal Music, Underground, Minimal-Tech, Afrotech ... it will not finish its session and you will be wishing to go to the following one.