- Ventil Shape


Ventil Shape is a young Minimal / Techno Producer from Portugal. He was born in a small north town Viana, now resident in Lisbon. Started music production work since very young, studied a lot and only this year decided to show his abilities. The first release as producer "The Batman" which was in, Avrosse Top 10, was released in March of 2012, then made focused evolution and after some months of work, released in prestige label Hamburg Aufnahmen "Silent Hill E.P" rising from nowhere to 4# of Minimal Top 100 more than half-year, whit long list of Chart's from: Droplex, Doublekick, Frenk-DJ, etc. Like any other producer needs to take risks he tried for 3 big contest's one of Dark Face Recordings, Dreams Records and White Face Recordings, where was winner on all. Later on some releases like "Max Payne" featured in world prestige Minimal Channels as [EMH Music Promo], and "Devil's Playground" hitting #4 in DJTunes. 2013 Releases include Beatport Minimal 1# Place from Flat Belly Recordings "The Airplane", Contest winner "Zareh Kan - Bad Talking Remix" and "Isten" rising on Top 5. Dates confirmed in Spain, México and lot more. Recently become Manager of Zodiac Saints Records alongside CEO Gui Rodriguez. Requested by major Minimal / Techno Labels is for many the best new arrival on the scene. Next Releases in Top labels as: Flat Belly, Zodiac Saints, MNMLE, Bsideworld. And a lot more to come