Key Commands
 - Balex F


Starting to edit his music with good recording companies such as Aenaria Recording Studios, Land of Voodoo, Quanza, Lad Records, Grind Trax, Dubtek Records, having released his first musics like Guitar Sound,The Power Of Sound, Minimalist Jungle, Tribe Tek,Let The Beat launched in the platforms of beatport. In 2013he creates a project alongside with Jose Sousa in dance music where the ideias are streamed to the underground. It was felt with pride when one of the best clubs in the world Session Womb refered in a post on facebook that it will be a revelation producers od 2014. He started the year of 2014 participating in a EP alongside with Christian Duran a respected producer in dance music, creating sets that impacted generations and circulated at the best clubs in the world. Eager to try new ways as a Dj until then he is waiting for an opportunity to show his work to the public.