- Locoproject


Dave was born in Naples in the 80s, growing up with musical influences of That Period: Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, SNAP, Giorgio Moroder Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Until Atkins, Derrick May founders of Detroit techno, coming to artists such as: Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk. He Worked with the Best Local area emiliana- Riviera: Doc Show- Vox- Kindergarten- ECU - TUBE In 2010 participates in 'event organized by Massimo PLASMAPHOBIA Soldier with LOCOPROJECT collective name which included over him that even his friend DJ Daniele De Luca, Neapolitan dj duo splits, however, in 2014 to carry out different Projects. On several evenings made ​​from shoulder to DJs like Shlomi ABER, ALEX BLACKS, ONUZ OZER, DAVE CLARKE, LUIGI MADONNA, ... Cyril. In 2014, was released on the label Illogic Music as its first EP entitled Hot Blood, in August and released his second ep: UNUSUAL) on Boogie rec., And the third ep titled (Escuchar EP) on Bosom rec.