- Gianluca Colletti


He was born in Tuscany Italy, and around 8 years old, he approached the world of music through his father (also he DJ). He has the good fortune to meet important bands or singers of the rock scene, dance music of the past years through vinyl. At 13 he starts to buy the rst progressive and techno vinyls. And he starts to have a few nights in the premises of his city or his province in Tuscany. He continues to be a DJ in the clubs but especially in private parties. And in 2014 this desire arises to want to be a producer DJ. And his dream comes true in 2015, when various record companies through Youtube and Soundcloud, contact him for some personal tracks. He decides to collaborate / work with Gaia Sound (Italian Label), and releases 2 Album EP. Where various personal tracks are selected, in various compilations of various genres with various record labels. Then, in 2017, he began working with the London record company (Refrained Music). And it also makes them go out 2 EP with some very important tracks for him personally. He is currently always looking for new things and is ready with other Tracks. And he is always looking for new keyboards, synths and objects for music production. Inspired musically by international DJs such as: Solomun, Laurent Garnier, Trentemoller, Pig & Dan, Marco Carola, Christian Smith and the electronic group The Chemical Brothers.