- Lucca M


Lucca M is from São Paulo and had his first contact with the new electronic music. With good technique and creativity, in 2012 he started important presentations in clubs such as Eazy Club, Club A, Club Ice, and festivals like Low Beats, Generation (Curitiba-Pr), Prime, Spectrum, Outside, DayAfter, Magical Garden Festival, Ibiza Luxury Tour, the latter, after passing through Europe, came to Brazil and had the opportunity to be one of the residents during the stay of the nucleus. It featured alongside great national and global electronic music icons such as ANNA, Eli Iwasa, Gabe, Quake, Du Serena, Skazy, Berg, Ace Ventura and Capital Monkey. Nowadays he takes on the "Hybrid Set" format, performing constructions and deconstructions with his own characteristic, recreating something totally new and unique in his sets. Lucca M released its first release this year by the national record label Screw Records, called "ENCOUNTER EP", in which it obtained good feedbacks like producer Wehbba, who praised the original version. He had the track played in one of the best clubs in the world, the D-Edge, and other great props like downloading the same original track track by his main idol, Richie Hawtin.