- Lucca M


Born in São Paulo Brazil, Lucca M got his first contact with music early, still young with good technique and creativity, in 2012 he started important presentations in clubs like Eazy Club, Club A, Club Ice, and in parties and festivals like Low Beats , Generation (Curitiba-PR), Prime Festival, Spectrum, Outside, Dayafter Eazy Club, Mágic Garden Festival, Ibiza Luxury Tour, and in the last one, the crew after passing through Europe, came to Brazil and Lucca had the opportunity to be one of the residents during the core stay. He performed alongside great national and international electronic music artists such as ANNA, Eli Iwasa, Gabe, Quake, Du Serena, Skazy, Renato Cohen, Berg, Ace Ventura and Capital Monkey. Currently he takes on the format of “Hybrid Setup” in his presentations, performing constructions and deconstructions with his own characteristics, recreating something totally new and unique in his sets.