- Stephen Thrasher


Stephen Thrasher is a techno producer/DJ from Toronto, Ontario. Beginning in the late 90's as a drummer, he later discovered techno and very quickly dug into drum machines and producing his own beats. After many years producing and performing industrial music he decided to return to his techno roots and this has led to a noticeably darker take on the genre. It is dance music that can work any size room from the darkest word of mouth parties to packed main rooms. His debut techno offering the 'Canine EP' was released on Railroad Recordings out of Belgium in 2016 and the title track stood for 4 days at #1 on the trackitdown.com Top 100 techno chart. In his live sets Stephen prefers the darker side as well, choosing driving, hard techno and an ebb and ow that never lets the energy dip too low and utterly pounds the floor when it is at its peak.