- Max Underson


When it comes to music, Max Underson is synonymous with interest and research, an interest that has already developed more than two decades.In mid-93, electronic music would be his starting point as a DJ, his refined taste, his musical identity and emotional dance became marks on the dance floor.Max with his restless, creative mind begins to produce his own music under the alias of Modern Process. As a producer has released works by important Brazilian and international labels, especially their album Meeting of Good Souls - Content Records. In partnership with Daniel U.M. , Deep techno, dubtechno and minimalism are the most visible influences on their musical creations with the project Mentalhighs.Size performance over the years led to Max Underson events and performances in renowned clubs as SP: D-Edge Club, Vegas Club, Smirnoff Experience Festival, São Paulo Cultural Turn, among many others. Been alongside great DJs and producers, national and international as Apparat, John Tejada, Move D, Vince Watson, Robert Hood, Joris Voorn, Solomun etc.Currently Max appears frequently on the nights of the project Mothership, the renowned D-Edge Club, but also is one of the artists of the casting of D- Edge Agency.