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 - Rodrigo Risso


Born in 1983, Rodrigo Risso grew with constant influence of music in his life since his childhood. Brasilian DJ and producer based in S„o Paulo, he started to Dj around 1999 at the age of 16, while still existed the record store Prime Records and he bought some essential 12" Techno records from artists like Ben Sims, Marco Bailey, Danilo Vigorito and others by that time.With all his musical production skills he was developing in the background, it was not long until he started making his own tracks, focusing on Underground Techno styles and always active on many parties at the city, Like Fervo, Attack, Techneura and BlackJack, in clubs like A LÙca, Clash Club, Lab Club, Trackers, Hole Club and big open air events like Rave Revolution, Fuel Techno and many many others. He is currently member of the labels Guilhotina Records and Valvula Records, but his releases can be seen on several labels worldwide nowadays. Rodrigo Risso is one of those natural talents that breathes Beats and rythms on each presentation and record presented by him.