- Dub Recycle


Carlos Poppi was born in a small city in São Paulo state, Brazil. where like almost no one like electronic music. Between 12' he played drum'n'bass just for small parties in his city. Around 7 years playing he created a new project to play deep house and techno called Dub Recycle and it was the beginning of everything, specially to produce your own tracks.In 2010 moved to Berlin and that was a big difference to your professional side, especially techno, he discovered your feelings listening to a different techno with melancholic arrangement and right there was decided moment to work on that. Back to Brazil in September 2013 he went to live in South of country, where have a lot of electronic parties and underground scene.Absorbing everything that he learned literally focused in music production until now Dub Recycle signed with major labels around the world like Steyoyoke, Us & Them, Records, Nin92wo, Prisma Techno and Not Another.Now he are moving to live in Barcelona, Spain to be closer to a electronic scene in a world level.