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 - Oscar Vazquez


Oscar Vazquez (A&R Liquid Grooves & Aquasound) hails from Ponferrada, Spain and is one of our Techno & Tech House and currently Progressive House expert, as well as a new addition to our ranks. Co-Founder of the label Funkdamental , Oscar grows up hearing and being amused by the 80’s and 90’s electronic music scene, following the music of the likes of Depeche Mode, Daft Punk, Technotronic, Pet Shop Boys, and Underworld, just to name a few. At the age of 17, after attending a Trance event, his interest shifted from listening Electronic music to actually craving to part take in this wonderful world of beat manipulation. He decides to acquire his first set of equipment and self teach himself the art of Disc Jockeying. It is for the next four years he goes on and tries to perfect his art getting involved in the local scene. Soon there after he takes a break to consider what his true calling is and which sounds should he venture on and focus in... he finds his calling in Techno. After returning in early 2000 from his break, he enters a local DJ competition resulting in him being ranked number one, earning him a residency at the prestigious Club R2, where he find a new found appreciation for sounds like minimal and other predominant ones at that moment. 2002 marks an important year for Oscar since this is the year when he started producing; it is here when he finds his true passion, MAKING MUSIC. His unique production sounds, blending Progressive House, Techno and Tech House, has sparked interest in several artist as well as labels and can be described as the new breed of sound and production.


Rise Of The DJS
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