- Daraspa


Daraspa`s big passion in life is music and he holds no musical boundary as what he listens or what he will play for the people on the dancefloor. The roots of this musical style was developed in the nineties when electronic music became his passion while going to famous clubs in Amsterdam like the Roxy.After listening to the vibes of the electronic music scene he bought some turntables himself and started to get official bookings in local clubs in Amsterdam (Panama, Escape to name a few). His soulful and warm sound soon got picked up abroad and soon led to a residency on the famous elements parties that were held in Mexico City. DJing for this organization was an important chapter in his life.At the millennium he was one of the main stage acts on the Eilat Millennium party in Israel.Recently Daraspa picked up producing records. His first EP is planned for a release on 25th of november on Sound Avenue. In 2014 his second EP will be released on Gentlemen Lounge Records.The main ingredients for his own productions and music are soulful and warm elements. His sound can be best described as deep, soulful and melodic. This style is often experienced as very intimate. His musical journey captures the emotions amongst his listeners which leads to those very special and lasting moments that are long remembered.