- Aiden


Rotterdam-based DJ/Producer, Aiden, avoids producing music with certain genres or formulas in mind, preferring to paint a unique variety of sounds and textures into his work. His adventurous creative palette boldly defies simple pigeonholing of style and genre, revealing the essence of what makes his music immediately so intellectually and physically stimulating.Aiden’s decidedly inventive ingredients range from psychedelic overtones, through leftfield electronics, to limitless organic textures and irresistible percussion. His ability to perfectly combine a multitude of diverse elements is showcased to perfection on his daring debut artist album ‘Gebruikersspore’ for Cinematique (home to the widescreen of electronic music).Having first appeared on Cinematique five years ago, Aiden has been steadily honing his skills and exploring his creativity with a steady flow of releases, both at his spiritual home label, and via other open-minded imprints, such as the Russian Linesman’s Loki Recordings, Manual Music/MNL and Temparc Music.