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ALFONSO PADILLA was born and raised in Cartagena. Salesian study at school and then at La Salle. Today is a renowned DJ in Colombia where won countless awards and recognition. PADILLA did two Years of Music in Fine Arts. In 2003 with new styles and sounds discovered began a new search for how to merge. Shortly after this search would bear fruit when under the name COCOCOLOMBIA achieved launched its first single titled, KAMASUTRA. Which it was produced under the label of DEFINITIVE RECORDINGS low representation of JOHN ACQUAVIVA. After several productions for the company, PADILLA manages to open field in the South American market, working for the firm SOUTH AMERICAN SOUNDS which was created by JOHN ACQUAVIVA for sounds of this continent, obtaining his true musical identity, which leads to decide electronics and innovative when making their albums and their live sound. This set of productions lead him to pace the best national scenarios and remain one of the best producers and DJs in the national electronic scene. Currently PADILLA Plays in FRAGMA CLUB and its products can be purchased in the Internet portal, and social networks in