- Verve


Verve composes eclectic, hypnotic, powerful and highly infectious dance music. Many find it difficult to definitively classify Verve’s sound as he seamlessly crosses genre boundaries with his unique approach to production. Elements of minimal, tech, trance and techno are fused together in progressive arrangements to create monumental, elevating moments for the listener.2011 and 2012 proved to be truly promising years for Verve; releasing EPs, singles and remixes on formidable international labels (Particles, Lowbit, Mirabilis, Stereo Paradise) and gaining support and plays from highly acclaimed DJs and producers around the world (Jaytech, Hernan Catteneo, Ad Brown etc). As he steps up his release schedule and his passion for writing forward thinking and soulful music burns stronger than ever, Verve is poised to carve his name and unique sound deeper into the industry. The future looks bright for this man.