- Kosinski


Kid of the Berlin Wall fall, Michal was born and emigrated from Poland to Belgium in 89. He quickly connected to internet and started his own music discovery beyond the marketing borders that has Radio and TV, musically raising himself into emotional Trance, House and Breakbeat. At 12, he gets his first DAW experimenting music and sounds, slowly making production an addiction, a daily need. After his Art studies at the Royal Academy of fine arts of Brussels he decides to take a closer look into music, and started an audio engineering class. Nowadays, Michal is slowly defining his own signature taking roots from early Techno, Trance, House, Drum and Bass, Breakbeat, and many more, resulting a Deep Melodic and Emotional Techno driven by strong but soulful melodies, synths and sounds, combining synthetic to organic, electronic to acoustic, classic to ethnic, analog to digital. Without any borders or restrictions it became hard to categorize his music to a single genre.