- Kosinski


Kid of the Berlin Wall fall, Michal « Kosinski » was born and emigrated from Poland to Belgium in 89. After his art studies, decides to take a closer look into music, and started an audio engineering class where he learned all the technical aspects of this art. Nowadays, Michal is slowly defining his own signature taking roots from countless electronic, or acoustic genres, resulting a Deep Melodic and Emotional Techno driven by strong but soulful melodies, synths and sounds, combining synthetic to organic, classic to ethnic, analog to digital...After years of self development into complete anonymity, Michal putted harmonised his work together into eclectic and progressive live performances, seeking for a complete freedom of interpretation that Dj’ing doesn’t allow. His very first recorded live performance dropped him into the finals of Extrema Outdoor’s Live act contest. Since then, he’s experimenting his first local and International bookings, and within a year became Deep House Belgium agency’s most wanted artist for 2018, played in major festivals, events and clubs, across, Belgium, Europe, and Asia, improving and developing his lives after each performance.