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Dj Borra was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. Keen on music since early childhood. Borra starts as a professional DJ in 1994. He began to play in various clubs and discotheques all over Bulgaria. Won several DJ contest. In early 1996 he began to play at the most biggest clubs in Sofia. He play different styles of music like Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, Pop. Looking for club sound, he began to put music in the club 12’’ versions. So graduallyhe began to play Electronic and House Music. His favorite artists were: Josh Wink, Da Hool (Dj Hooligan), Sven Vath, Future Sound Of London, David Morales, Francois K., Frankie Knuckles, Danny Tenaglia, Behrouz.... Then followed a series of proposals to residents of big clubs in Sofia. He plays in many parties and warm-up the dj’s as: Desyn Masiello, Sultan, Jamie Anderson, Funk D’Void, Dave Angel, Antoine Clamaran, Wally Lopez, and many others. In 2005 began his first attempts as a producer. In May 2008 released his first single with Escadia called “Way To Perfection” EP. Follow singles: “Black Sun”, “Minor Feeling”, “Slave driver”, “The crying of the planet earth”, “Voyager”, “Little plush toy”, “Memories of blue”. Then began working with labels such as Mestiza, System, Carica, Seaburn, Mistique, McGroove, Fair Play Music. In late 2009 early 2010 he made a remixes for the Greek artist Ziger. The songs called One by One and “Everlasting” In 2010 he started his own radio show on Radio Nova (Sofia, Bulgaria), named – Skyline Radio Show. In 2010 and 2011, he won the award of for best Bulgarian producer. In March 2011, along with Maria Karakusheva finished official video of their song “Harmony” (video’s director - Alexander Mollov)After a series of releases for major labels such as: Suffused Music, Stellar Fountain, Balkan Connection, Baroque, Method, Play This!


Dynamic Illusion, Cassino & Laben, Andrea Cassino, Marina Puglisi, Gvozdini, Milana, Mathov, XSector, Stiven Rivic, Michael & Levan, Ziger, Horizons, Alex Vidal, Carlos Fox, Da Luka, Not Okay, Swoan Mayer, Letshine, Ivan Nikusev, Paul Martinez, Fiddler, Steve Ness, Steiss, Kay-D, Adam-P, Minette, Jadeck, DJ Borra, Britt, Carl Hendrix, Ian Meyer, Jelly For The Babies, Adnan Jakubovic, Plu-Ton, Anton MAKe, Plagz, Stanisha, Paul Key, Experimental Feelings, Cut Knob, Aggressor, Napalm, d-phrag, Igor Zaharov, Sober System, Esok, Digital Department, Logic Stories, Gux Jimenez, Orelse, Silvio Gutierrez, East Cafe, SIMON LANDA, Snorkle, Magnetic Brothers, Spatree, Deep Syndrome, Barney DJ, Cosmithex, Platunoff, Latin Intelligent, Stage Van H, Rogier, Stergios, Timewave, Deep Soul Duo, You Are My Salvation, Tioan, Suffused, Advent's Rising, Ambeam, Stiven Rivic, Michael & Levan, Donatello, Kastis Torrau, WayWork, Omar Fayyad, Nick Stoynoff, Matias Chilano, Graziano Raffa, George Yammine, Silinder, Ewan Rill, Hot Tuneik, Cream, Deep Fog, Dmitry Molosh, Stas Drive, Vlada D'Shake, Stereo For Two, qoob, Biologik, Robert R. Hardy, V-Sag, Rick Pier O'Neil, Matt G, Progress Inn, Nicholas Van Orton, AudioStorm, Anthony G, Tash, H2at, Moshic, Ludowick, Erdi Irmak, Hassan Rassmy, Cetera, Sven Hauck, Hugo Gerritse, Loquai, Yuriy From Russia, Matter, Stefan Djordjevic, Zan Prevee, Monojoke, Danny Lloyd, Van Bellen, Thorin, Hector Sawiak, Ivan Nikusev, Aggressor, Oliver Petkovski, Stage Van H, Rogier, Simos Tagias, Red Sun Rising, Psychowsky, F-Act, Airwave, Fretwell, Retroid, Jeremy Rowlett, Cosmithex, The Digital Blonde, SkyKeeper, Holbrook
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