- Andrey Plavinskiy


Andrey's original works were supported by such musicians as Madloch, Max Graham, Robert R. Hardy, Adnan Jakubovic, Zan Prevee, cream, Jimini hop, the next light, division one, Fabio industrial facility, Christian Monique, Ewan Rill, johnny T, David Leckenby, Cade B, matte black, Ivanshee, ZEHV, Neptun 505, Daniel Glover, David Sabatini, Emrah Findik, Donda, Gergo Nemeth, Leo Baroso, Tim Benjamin, Jonnas B, Sergio Arguero, Adrian Roman, Samotarev, Rolando Vallice, Ultraverse, Rudy Crystal, Ringberg, Christopher Herman, Jose Tabares, Gvozdini, Julian Rodriguez, Demian Moreno, Julian Marazuela, Fer Castro, Leandro Silva, Shaft Rios, Alec Araujo, Franzis D, Jimmy G, Evgeny Svalov (4Mal), Alexander Kireev,,...Tracks Andrey Plavinskiy DJs and producers are playing from different corners of the earth, including radio shows, podcasts on the radio, such as: PROTONRADIO, frisky, PUREFM, INSOMNIAFM, DNARADIO, Radio Record DJ.FM d and many others ... Currently, Andrew is working on creating new tracks, mixes in the genre of progressive house, deep house. His works are signed to European labels such as:cut circle (Spain), Lincor (Ukraine), abstract space records (Russia), BC2 records (Serbia), Northern lights music(Egypt), Mystic Carousel records (Spain), intimate records (Ukraine), Eternal beats (Belarus), concrete music (Russia), Lincor apex (Ukraine), absurd state (Ukraine), hot spots music (Hungary), DNA digital records (Argentina), gaseous records (Ukraine), A digital (Belgium), Insomniafm (Romania), proton society (USA), sound facilities (Ukraine) , records clinic (Russia), BK Records (Russia), 3xA music (Russia), Old SQL Recordings (Macedonia), the Emotional Content Records (UK), Psidium (Russia), The Prospect Sounds of Ekaterinburg (Russia) and others.