- Andrey Plavinskiy


Last 2016 Andrey Plavinskiy has released 15 releases, 11 remixes were izdany his work known to musicians and producers from different countries. His work has been supported by such musicians as Max Graham, Fabio industrial facility, Christian Monique, matte black, Ivanshee, Neptun 505, Daniel Glover, David Sabatini, Emrah Findik, Donda, Gergo Nemeth, Matt Holliday, Jeka Lihtenstein, Ben Salem, Christos M, PC video, Andy EF Pimanda, Frangellico, Leo Baroso, Tim Benjamin, Jonnas B, Dr. Mott, will be fever, Matt Holliday, B. Y. Seok, Michael Berklin, Elias Funes, Paul Nazca, Robert R. Hardy, Eric Bruce, Adnan Jakubovic, Sergio Arguero, Greyloop, Jose Tabares, Feed, Gvozdini, Julian Rodriguez, Fer Castro, Leandro Silva, R Rios, Jimmy G, Cream , Aquadro, Matt Hieu, Dirk, Eze Colombo & Oscar Close... Andrey Plavinskiy Tracks played by DJs and producers from different corners of the earth, including radio shows, podcasts on the radio, such as: PROTONRADIO, frisky, PUREFM, INSOMNIAFM, DNARADIO and many others ... currently, Andrew is working on creating new tracks, mixes in the genre of progressive house, Deep house. His work signed to European labels such as: BC2 Records (Serbia), Northern Lights Music (Egypt), Inmost Records (Ukraine), Eternal Beats (Belarus), Lincor Apex (Ukraine), Absurd State (Ukraine), Hot Cue Music (Hungary), DNA Digital Records (Argentina), Aeriform Records (Ukraine), AH Digital (Belgium), Insomniafm (Romania), Proton Limited (USA), Free Sound Tools (Ukraine) , Clinique Records (Russia), BQ Records (Russia), 3xA music (Russia), OLD SQL Recordings (Macedonia), The Emotional Content Records (UK), Psidium (Russia), The Prospect Sounds of Ekaterinburg (Russia) and others Andrey Plavinskiy is a resident dnaradiofm.com (Argentina)