- Neptun 505


Born in August of 1985 in the beautiful city – Gdańsk. . Never taken music classes or studied at a music school, therefore Marcin can’t say that he grew up with music. He has inherited music taste from uncles.Been listening music from hip-hop to dance. Over time electronic music took his interest so he started to study roots of this music type. Michael Cretu and his Enigma, Kraftwerk, Jean-Michel Jarre are the people who have had the greatest impact on Marcin. He started to make music in 1999 but year 2008 was a real breakthrough.His greatest achievement so far is support from Markus Schulz , Solarstone, Kintar, Gai Barone , Solid Stone, Tucandeo, Dale Middleton, Basil O'Glue... and many other great artists. Neptun 505 is still searching for new sounds, mixing genres to define his own.