Key Commands
 - Franco Musachi


DJ and producer from Argentina, born in Corrientes. Influenced by his family closely related to the music, he was interested to be soundman, which later leads him to become a musicalizer.Later, as a self-taught and eith basic knowledge of audio softwares, begins to produce music, in 2010 enters the digital music market and actually he having more than 60 launches online. Also he had the opportunity to enter labels like BC2, Clinique Recordings, Massive Harmony, Spring Tube, among others.As a DJ, he has shared booth with artists such as Mariano Mellino (Sudbeat), Federico Monachesi (La Boite), 2Robots, among others.Also, as a guest and resident he has been part of several cycles and events of Electronic Music in his city, as well as in Resistencia, and Reconquista (Sta Fe). Some of them are: CCME (Ctes), El Atico (Rcia), Underio (Ctes), Frecuencia (Ctes), Las Chatas Bar (Rcia), Mr Shake (Ctes), 414 Bar (Rcia), Queens Bar (Ctes), Camelot (Sta Fe), to name a few . .His style is oriented towards the Groovy Deep, Tech, House and Techno, but also he manages another facet with more Melodic Progressive House and Deep Techno.